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Food and Bevvies - We offer delicious sandwiches / wraps and snacks from Bowen's renowned Snug Cafe and an assortment of soft drinks, beer and wine. Enjoy them in our comfy clubhouse or while admiring the beautiful views from our deck and patio. The pro shop staff will serve you.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - The Bowen Island Golf Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday June 29, 2018 at 7:15 p.m. at the Clubhouse, 810 Beach Drive, Bowen Island, BC. Members will be asked to vote on special resolutions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws and to transition under the new Societies Act. The agenda, special resolutions, financial statements, reports, and related documents will be posted in the membership section of the website. The Association has been well served since the last annual meeting by a group of very dedicated and capable directors. A slate of those standing for election as a BIGA director for the upcoming year will be posted on the website and presented at the meeting. A member interested in serving as a director should contact the President, Alan Morse.

Up to Par Newsletter - July 2018 - Tap here for our summer Up to Par newsletter. Thanks to all who contributed an article, with a special nod to Terry McKeown and Pat Adams who put everything together.

SUMMER JUNIOR GOLF CAMPS - We are looking forward to holding another 4 junior summer camps in 2018. There will be two camps for ages 8+ and two camps for ages 5-7. These camps are for beginners and / or experienced children. Whatever level your child is at, the camps provide a positive, fun atmosphere where the kids learn the fundamentals and life lessons the game of golf has to offer. They will have the opportunity to develop skills such as decision making, perseverance, honesty, and of course a better understanding of the golf swing. Ages 8+ When: July 2nd - 5th and/or August 13th - 16th Time: 2pm - 6pm Cost: $225.00 Ages 5-7 When: July 23rd - 26th Time: 2pm - 5pm Cost: $180 Please provide your child/children with a snack and something to drink. Please email to register your child/children today!

COMMUNITIES COMPLETE CUP IN COMMUNITY CHALLENGE - Bowen Island is small enough to feel like a community, and a pretty friendly one most of the time. But occasionally we need to indulge in our natural instinct for tribalism, and have a good old-fashioned set-to with our neighbours. That's why Bowen Island Golf Club has an annual Community Challenge tournament, which took place Saturday, May 19th, attracting 4-person teams from all regions of the island: Cowan Point/Fairweather, Valley/Sunset/Josephine, Tunstall Bay/Sealeigh Park, Bowen Bay/Bluewater, Mt. Gardner/Woods Rd., Cates Hill/Valhalla, Snug Cove/Miller’s Landing, Eaglecliff, Hood Point, and Hood Point West. The Gwynneth Rogers Community Challenge Trophy was awarded to the winning team by Gwynneth's son Stephen Rogers, whose family knows a thing or two about Bowen communities. Their history on Cowan Point traces back a century. Stephen presented the cup to this year's triumphant neighbourhood Bluewater, represented by the powerhouse team of Kathy Clarke, Peter Clarke, Steve Bellringer and David Bellringer. (Keen observers may note that Dave Bellringer does not live in the Bluewater neighbourhood. Our panel of judges allowed his participation as a last minute substitute for his mother, who was ill. We do not want to hear from the lawyers for runners-up Braden Jolly, Adam Jolly, Barb Rendell and Bob Miller, who represented Hood Point West.) To bring this ruthless competition to a more Bowen-like conclusion, the Bruce and Dorene Russell Community Spirit Award was presented by Bruce himself to Hood Point West for having the most participants. HPW fielded four teams, including the aforementioned runners-up. And now that that's settled, we can all go back to being one big happy family for another year.

2018 Club Events - Click here to see our list of exciting club events for 2018. Except for the Club Championship and Paterson Cup, you don't have to be a member to participate.

Bowen Island Taxi Service - A land taxi service is now available on the island to/from the golf course. Golfers can either walk on the ferry or take the English Bay Launch water taxi from False Creek. Please call BLAST (Bowen Land and Sea Taxi) at 604-250-TAXI (8294). A call in advance is recommended.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation for May 2018

7 A.M. - Dusk. seven days a week.

8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. seven days a week

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Our range is a 175 yard, irons only practice fairway, perfect for lessons, practice, and warm-up. Buckets of balls are $4 each.