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Golfers on Bowen are used to playing year-round, and rubbing the noses of their eastern friends and relatives in this local privilege.  This crazy winter has seriously undermined those bragging rights, so a rainy day was not going to deter our hardy golfers from participating in the Bowen Island Golf Club's first tournament of the year, the Island Masters. On Saturday, April 8, forty-six soggy players competed for the highly-coveted yellow jackets to be won by the top man, woman, and junior golfer.  The catch: each player was competing alongside one of the world's best golfers, and combining his score with their own. 
No, those pro golfers weren't playing in the rain on Bowen. They were playing in the sunshine in Atlanta, in the other Masters tournament. Each Bowen competitor drew the name of a Masters’ player, and that player's Saturday score was added to their own. The Masters round ended just after our Island Masters.
 There was high drama as our players returned to the club house to learn the fate of their professional partners.  There was also beer, and a delicious Cup Cutter Café buffet.
The Masters tournament is one of the two most important and prestigious in the world of golf. There's an ongoing argument that it is equally or more prestigious than The Open, called the British Open by Americans. But that argument is made entirely by Americans.  There's no dispute that it's the top American tournament, however, and our local Masters also carries big bragging rights.  This year our winners' yellow jackets went to Karl Malacek, Kathy Clarke, and top junior Mattias Blomberg . The jackets will remain on display at the Clubhouse for all to admire, and to inspire our dreams for next year.
Terence McKeown
Bowen Island Golf Club