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Men's Night

BIGC’s Men’s Night is an ongoing tradition which provides men (member or non member) to participate in a 9 hole round of golf followed by a  drink in our clubhouse. Men’s Night is all about the camaraderie of the game. Every week the format changes, providing guys with new and exciting formats the game of golf has to offer. Every week there is a ‘honey pot’ on hole 6 (only person with a 2 wins) which can be carried over and can end up being a good lump sum of cash.  The entry fee for members is $11 and non members just pay their green fee and then the $11 on top of that. All formats are handicapped and prizes go to both gross and net scores, giving everyone a chance to win. There are also a KP and LD each week.

There is an ongoing leaderboard throughout the season, you receieve points for the following: showing up, placing in the prize money, and winning KP's and LD's. At the end of the season the name at the top of the leaderboard gets their name on our Men's Night champion plaque. 

Whether you are a memeber or non member, Thursday's at BIGC are always a great time. Come out and support BIGC Men's Night!

Past Champions

2017 - Lucas Puri
2016 - BIll Keller
2015 - N/A
2014 - Hugh Freeman
2013 - Derek Puri