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Memorial Walk

A fitting way for members and non-members of family and friends to be remembered and "walk forever" on our beautiful community golf course. By way of having their name on the Memorial Walk rock and/or the Master Plaque in the clubhouse, these individuals will be an eternal part of the course they loved and those of us who remain can forever remember them and be thankful for their friendship.

Family and friends can choose to participate in either the full "rock"/master plaque option or simply the master plaque option. The full option entitles an individual to receive a club supplied 2.5" x 12" bronze plaque installed on the Memorial Walk rock, which is located in an on course, quiet location adjacent to the cartpath/perimeter walking trail just past (SE) the 8th green, as well as having their name on the master plaque in the clubhouse. Alternatively, the individual's name can only be on the master plaque.

The proceeds raised from the two options cover all the club's costs plus provides residual funds for capital improvements to the course. A unique feature of the program is, a friend or family member takes the initiative to raise the monies for the memorial, not the golf club. The cost for the program is $2,500 while the master plaque option is only $500.

Anyone interested in the Memorial Walk program please leave your name at the pro shop or contact Bruce Russell at or 604-990-1500 x308. We thank you for your interest and caring.

Herb Paterson Invitation to Participate

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