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Dining at "The Cup Cutter"


Food and Bevvies: We offer snacks such as chocolate bars, chips, nuts, and an assortment of soft drinks, beer and wine. Enjoy them in our comfy clubhouse or while admiring the beautiful views from our deck. The pro shop staff will serve you.

Event Catering: The Bowen Island Golf Club can arrange catering services for groups of all sizes. Please contact our proshop for menu options and prices.

Cup Cutter tool

What is a cup cutter?
A cup cutter is a boring tool that looks like a pogo stick on steroids. By "boring", we mean that it is used to bore into the ground. It cuts a cylindrical core of soil four and one-quarter inches across. This is how those holes are made on the putting green. The cup-cutter actually isolates and cleanly removes a pineapple-can sized cylinder of soil. That cylinder of soil (like the center of a doughnut after it's removed) can be very useful. Don't forget, when a new hole (4-1/4 inches in diameter) is cut into a green, the previous hole needs to be filled. That cylinder of soil just happens to be the precise size!

How much cup does a cup cutter cut if a cup cutter could cut cups?
The USGA and Royal & Ancient Club both specify that the hole must be a minimum of 4-inches (100 mm) deep. However, a cup cutter must dig deeper than that to allow for the depth of the cup liner and the cup liner's flag stick socket.